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Title: Another Date

Last night I went on a date with this guy that I met from the personals. He was cute, smelled good, had warm brown eyes, a cute thin shaved beard line, and dark brown hair. You should know by now, I?m a sucker for Italian men!
Anyway, we went to his place to watch a movie and have a few drinks. We were sitting on the couch and he put his arm around me. I thought it was a little soon, but sweet, when he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. I took a couch pillow and set it on his leg and rested my head on his lap. He slid his down my back and started to rub my neck, back, shoulders. His hand slid just inside the top of my jeans, and he toyed his fingers over the waistband of my thong and the top of my ass cheeks.

I was a little uncomfortable, this was a little TOOO intimate, for someone that I had just met, so I sat up, and took off my boots. My ankle was itching, so I lifted the pantleg of my jeans, and started itching my ankle, just above my socks.

He asked if I was ok and I told him that my foot was itching a little bit. He got up and walked around and sat on the floor next to me. He leaned his head against my knee and started rubbing my feet. He looked up at me and told me several times I was beautiful. He commented on my lips and my eyes, as he rubbed my foot & ankle. I said, ?thanks,? and felt myself start to blush. He started sliding his hands up my ankles and up over my calves, he leaned forward and kissed my knee, then said, ?god, you?re gorgeous!? I laughed and said, ?ya know, all this, really isn?t nessesary!?

He continued to rub my legs, kissing my knee, sliding my legs apart as he inched between them, kissing my legs, and then he started tugging on my jeans with his teeth and licking his way up my legs. He stood up and sat on the couch next to me, and then he leaned down and kissed me. We kissed a few minutes, until he had me pressed against the couch, crawling on top of me. He pulled the front of my shirt lower and kissed my neck, sucking and licking my chest, the tops of my tits, the front of my bra, tugging on the material with his teeth, pushing it aside and sucking the nipple into his mouth. He lifted my shirt and started kissing and licking my stomach, swirling his tongue all over my belly, licking the waistband of my jeans. He worked his way lower, licking and biting and tugging on my jeans and crotch with his tongue & teeth.

He slid his hand inside the front of my jeans and rubbed his fingers over the front of my panties, he crawled back up and started kissing me. I felt his fingers probing my pussy, the silk of my panties in the way, his tongue plunged deep into my mouth as his fingers finally made their way through the material of my panties and deep into my wet pussy.

He fingered and kissed me until I came all over his fingers on the couch. He pulled his fingers out of my pants and slid them into his mouth, his tongue licking my pussy juice from his fingers. He said, ?you taste so good? and started to unbottom my pants, kissing his way lower, when the front door swung open. I barely had enough time to get my shirt down over my tits when the light switch flicked on. His younger brother had showed up and didn?t think anyone was home, because there weren?t any lights on. SURPRISE!!! lol Too bad his brother wasn?t a swinger ? he was really cute!

Getting caught is soooo much fun! I think I like the risk of exposure more than the act itself!! hehehe Ever been caught having sex? I think that?s why I enjoy Phone Sex, so much, there?s usually the risk of someone over hearing or walking in!

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