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Title: Wrong Hole

I?ve never been into ?anal? and haven?t really tried it much, in the past. I bought a butt plug a while back and I have some anal beads, because I wanted to try it, but just never have. I?ve had a few ex boyfriends, with depth perception problems. You know what I?m talking about, don?t pretend you don?t! You?re doing your girl doggystyle and it slips out to far? there?s a pause? I?m not an idiot, I know what you?re thinking? then slowly you feel the head pressed against you again, a little further back than it should be. Slowly he?s trying to ease the head into your ass? it feels good at first, new, different, but then there?s the ?WOAH!? as your tight ass stretches to fit his thick cock.
Well?. the other night, I went out and ran into an old ?friend? We got talking and drinking at the bar, we started flirting and he kissed me on the deck of the bar. He told me how much he?s missed playing with me and I told him that I?ve missed wrapping my lips around his cock. We had a few more drinks, and were in the dark cornver of the deck. He had his arm around my waste, his hand slid inside the back of my jeans, squeezing and rubbing my ass, as I whispered in his ear, about what I miss doing with him. I was really starting to get explicit in detail, telling him what I want to do to him and how I used to enjoy what he did to me. I reached down and slid my hand over the front of his jeans and could feel his cock bulging against the denim. I said, ?its really late, I should get to bed,? he looked really disappointed and I said, ?if you play your cards right, it could be yours!? He took the glass out of my hand and set it on the table, grabbed my purse and my hand and ushered me off of the deck and out to the parkinglot. We headed back to his place. We barely got through the front door with our clothes still on. But managed to find our way to his big comfy bed. He stripped off his clothes and I stripped down to my silky black panties.

We were getting pretty hot and bothered, kissing, touching, grinding against each other on the bed and he slid his hand inside the back of my panties. He cupped & squeezed my ass cheeks while I straddled him, rocking my panty covered pussy against his hard cock. I leaned forward and he sucked my tit into his mouth as he reached his hands deeper into my panties and grabbed both cheeks and pulled and squeezed them. He flipped me over onto my back and pressed hard against me, he rubbed his cock against my wet pussy, teasing it with the silky material between us.

He turned me over and I crawled up onto my knees, his hands going to my hips, pulling me back hard against his cock. His fingers sliding between my legs, teasing my clit through the silk of my panties. He pulled them so hard, he tore the back of the material away from the waistband. The sound of the material tearing sent goosebumps down my spine, his hand went for my hair, gathered it into a handful and pulled my head back. I felt his other hand brush against my ass cheek, as he held his cock, slowly sliding it along the slit of my pussy. Back and forth, slowly sliding just the head into my wet aching hole, but not entering me entirely. I pressed back and took him deep inside my pussy, he pushed my hips and ass forward, both hands on each cheek, spreading them apart. I felt his cock come out of my pussy and the head slide along my ass, then he pressed the head against my ass, slowly teasing it around the opening. I tried to relax, tried to prepare for him to enter me. His head was wet and slippery from my pussy, he slowly eased it inside my ass. With one hand he reached around and teased my clit, sliding his fingers into my pussy as he slowly eased his cock in and out of my ass. It felt so good, I wish I had been home to offer him a toy to slide inside my pussy, while he fucked my ass.

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