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Title: Dirty Girls

For a long time I?ve had this fantasy about one of my friends. I?ve never told her but if she reads this, then maybe the next time she see?s, ?in the shower? as my messenger status message, she?ll come right over!
It?s a warm evening, the breeze coming through the window feels nice, so I decide not to pull the blinds down before I undress and get into the shower. I have a date to go to the movies with one of my girlfriends in a few hours but left her a message to call me if she wants to head out early and grab something for dinner. As I finish rinsing the shaving cream from my legs & turning off the water, I thought I heard a noise in the driveway. My bedroom is on the ground floor and you can see into my room from the driveway. I come out of the bathroom and walk towards the bed, with my long wet hair up in one towel and the other loosely drapped around my wet body. I walk over to the bed and lift my foot up onto the side of the bed. Taking the towel and slowly gliding it up and down the length of my leg, then lowering it to the floor and lifting the other leg, and slowly gliding the towel from hip to ankle, and slowly back up. I turn around, my back & ass facing the window, and dry the length of each arm, shoulder to wrist, then bring the towel up and blot each breast dry. I drop the towel to my feet and step onto it, bending forward, and pulling the other towel off of my head. My hair spilling out of the towel, as I shake it and squeeze the long, wet strands.

I can tell someone is watching me, I walk away from my bed, click on my stereo and walk back into the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, I can see the window?s reflected behind me in the mirror. I grab the brush and slowly brush out my hair, as I see my friend walking closer to the house. She disappears out of view of the window and I can barely hear her tapping on the front door over the sound of the stereo.

I set down my hairbrush and walk back into my room, reach into the closet and grab my favorite toy and quickly jump into bed. I lay on my back, my legs spread wide open, a mound of pillows behind my back and under my head and slowly slide the head of the dildo against my clit. I rub it back and forth with my right hand, my left hand squeezing and grabbing my left tit, rolling the nipple around in my finger & thumb. I leave faint red finger prints on the white flesh, and slide my hand down to my pussy. I use my left hand to spread my lips apart, and tease my clit, as I slowly guide the dildo into my pussy. I hear her approaching my room and I tilt my head back against the pillows, eyes squeezed tight, legs apart, knees bent, in full view of the doorway.

(As I arrive at your bedroom door, I notice the door is slightly open. I pause in the hall but after watching you from the driveway, I can?t resist the urge, I enter your room. You are laying on the bed. I stand there in the doorway, watching you, but your eyes are closed tight and your head is tilted back. You are slowly sliding a dildo in and out of your pussy, your other hand sliding up and down your stomach, over your tits, squeezing and rubbing the nipple. Watching you fuck yourself and hearing the sounds you are making excites me in a way that it shouldn?t with a friend. We?ve been friends for so many years and I have secretly found you attractive, but never would admit it. I love how your long auburn hair falls just above your ass, gliding over your shoulders and tits. I?ve wonder if you were attracted to me, we?ve flirted and joked so many times. I clear my throat and you hear me and you look up, startled. )

I?m look up and see her in the doorway, she starts to turn around and I say, ?wait.? She turns back and looks worried, nervous, but flushed at the same time. ?Did you enjoy watching me?? I ask. She pauses and then smiles, and I say, ?I?ll take that as a yes!?

?Do you want me to keep going?? I ask. ?Yes,? she replies. I tell her to come closer to the bed, that I want her to sit at the end. She sits at the edge of the bed, facing me. I pull the dildo from my pussy, and slide it to my lips, teasing its length with my tongue, swirling my tongue around the head, then lowering it to my nipple. I rub it back and forth over my nipple then back down, over my stomach, and along my clit. Teasing myself until I?m so close to coming. I reach out and take her hand, I pull it to my tit, she leans forward and I drop the dildo next to my hip. I take her other hand and slide it up between my legs, over my wet pussy, guiding her finger into my wet cunt. She starts to move her finger back and forth into me and I cum instantly. Gushing all over her finger, she moves onto her knees next to me, and inserts a second finger, fucking me deeper and faster. She leans down, kisses my lips, softly, barely brushing against them, I reach up and put my hand around the back of her neck and pull her closer, my fingers tangled in her soft, long hair. Kissing her fast and hard, our tongues dancing around inside each others mouths, as she slides her fingers deeper inside me.

I undo her pants, and try to slide my hand inside them. She pauses and I say ?just relax, if you don?t like it, we can stop.? She stood up and I thought she was going to bolt out of my room, but instead she started to pull down her jeans. She was wearing the cutest pair of pink and white panties. They were bright pink with white pokadots on them. She started to take them down and I told her to leave them on. I pull her back onto the bed and she falls on top of me. We giggle and she lays her head against my shoulder. I slowly caress her shoulder, moving my hands down her back, over her ass and back up, my nails lightly scratching her skin. She turns her head and her hair tickles across my skin, she looks up at me and I smile at her, she slowly moves closer to my tit, her tongue stretching out to meet my nipple. She?s timid at first, barely touching it, then her hand slides along my hip, taking my tit in her hand. I sigh deeply, soft moans escaping, she sucked my nipple deep into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, lightly biting it with her teeth. I grab her and roll us over, so that she?s on her back, I pull her shirt up over her head and ravage her soft tits with my mouth. Her skin is so soft and smooth.

She moans as I slide my hand down her belly and across her smooth skin. I slowly slide my hand back and forth over her panties, unsure of whether or not she wants me to go further. She spreads her legs further apart and thats all the confirmation I need. I rub my fingers faster and harder against her panties, she starts to rock against my hand, and I know she?s getting hotter and wetter. I pull her panties to one side and let my finger slip inside, sliding it between her pussy lips and lightly rubbing her clit. I start slow, teasing her at first; she loves it, but I can tell she wants more. She arches up off the bed to meet my hand, I pull my hand back, teasing her further, not letting her fuck my fingers as hard and deep as she wants. I position myself between her legs and lean forward, teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue. She lifts up off the bed and moans deeply. I insert my finger into her wet pussy as I flick her clit with my tongue going faster and faster with my tongue, my finger sliding in deeper and harder. I reach down and pick up my dildo, I slide it into my mouth and get the tip good and wet. I slide the head of the dildo over her clit, then slide it in her wet pussy, just the tip at first, going a little further with each thrust. I tease her clit with my tongue, pulling the dildo out long enough to force my tongue inside her, then teasing her clit with my tongue and sliding the dildo back inside her. She?s moaning and grinding her hips up and down off of the bed as I fuck her deep and fast. ?Does it feel good?? I ask. ?Ohh yea!? she replies.

She cums again and then sits up, pushing me back onto the bed, pushing my pussy lips apart with her fingers, I feel her hair brushing against the inside of my legs. I know its coming, I can barely stand it, as I anticipate the feel of your mouth against my pussy. She teases my clit with her tongue, her fingers sliding in and out of me. She flicks her tongue against my clit, then slowly back and forth over my entire pussy, until I?m drenched. She sucks my clit into her mouth, and I feel the head of my dildo sliding inside me, I cum again, hard and fast. I pull her up and kiss her, tasting my cum all over her soft, silky lips. We wrap our arms around each other and fall back into the pillows, both out of breath. So much for going to see Batman on opening night!

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