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Title: Mr Cock Ring

Recently, I started using the personals. I?ve talked to quite a few guys online and a few on the phone, that have messaged me through this service. A few weeks ago I started talking to this guy online and we?d flirt a lot. Every IM would start out the same, ?hey, wanna make out?? and the replies were always, ?sure, you coming over?? He?d invite me over and I?d decline and he?d say, ?you?re all talk!? Neither of us had met anyone before from the personald and I had joked with him and had said, ?maybe we should meet a few people before each other, then after several disappointments, when we meet each other, it will be even better.? But he kept up with his flirtatious banter of ?wanna make out? and then ?you?re all talk!?
Well, I decided that I wasn?t going to be ?all talk? and when he asked me if I wanted to make out last night, I said ?sure, what?s the address?? I took over a couple of movies for us to watch, and when I got to the house, I was very nervous. I went up to the door & knocked. He opened the door and he was even better looking in person, than his photo online. I went in and set the movies on the coffee table and sat on the couch. He put one of the dvd?s in and then sat down next to me. At first we just watched the movie, but as the film progressed and there were some kissing and sex scenes he said, ?look at you, bringing porn over on the first night!? and then he said ?I can?t believe you brought smut into my home!? and each time, he?d touch my leg or my foot, and move a little closer. So by the end of the first movie, he had determined I was quite ticklish and had manipulated the situation to his advantage. I had squirmed my way into his arms and we laid there cuddled up on the couch watching the rest of the movie.

He was wearing a pair of wind pants and a white tank top, I had on jeans and a red low cut tank top. He got up and put in the second movie and came back to the couch, where I had sprawled out on by back. He laid down on top of me and started to tickle me again, and we wrestled around into a comfortable position, his legs entwined with mine, I was on my back and he was on his side. His shirt had come up and his smooth flat stomach was exposed. I started to run my fingers lightly across his stomach and chest, then down his leg. He said ?you might not want to do that? and I said, ?how come? he said, ?if you wake if up, you have to deal with it!? I continued to rub his thigh, hip, ribs, and stomach with my fingers until I felt his hand along my side. I looked up and saw his hand sliding closer to my tit, he cupped it in one hand and said ?hmmm these are nice!? and I said ?well you?ve seen them online, so there won?t be any surprises there!? and I laughed. He said ?ooh well they?re much, much nicer in person!? The movie started to glitch and I reached for the remote and turned off the tv. He said ?ok you need to leave.? and I said ?are you serious, do you really want me to go?? and he replied, ?no, but I?m not sure how much longer I can behave? and I said, ?who said you have to behave?? and he leaned down and started to kiss me.

His lips were soft and warm, gently brushing against mine, I teased his bottom lip with my teeth, slightly tugging on it, then kissing him on the lips, parting my lips waiting for his tongue to enter my mouth. His tongue slid along my lip and I felt the cool metal of his tongue ring, slowly and sensuously he danced his tongue around mine, darting in and out of my mouth, as his hands were sliding under my tank top, pulling and squeezing my tit with one hand. I massaged his back and shoulders with my hands and softly trailed my nails along his skin, we were kissing and grinding against each other more and more urgently.

His hand went for my jean buttons and I pushed it away, so he slid his hand lower and rubbed my pussy thru my jeans, then he went back to the buttons again. This time I didn?t push his hand aside, I let him slip it inside my jeans, his fingers sliding over the silky material of my panties. I felt his fingers brushing lightly back and forth over the material. I could feel myself getting wet as he pressed his hand firmly against my panty covered pussy. He rubbed me hard and fast over the panties, grinding his hand against me, I rocked back and forth and moved my hips in slow circles against his hand, as his other hand squeezed my tit, and our tongues fought to find some deeper place within each others mouths. He pulled my panties to the side and slid his fingers inside, I felt his finger touch my clit and I almost came instantly, I was sooo hot and wet, and his fingers were sliding deeper and deeper inside my wet pussy. We continued kissing as he finger fucked my wet cunt, I was grinding against his fingers, moaning louder and louder and cumming in his hand. He pulled his hand out and I slid my hand into the front of his wind pants, pulling his cock out and amazed at its beauty. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, the perfect length, the perfect thickness, and the head was pierced! I had never seen a pierced cock in person before. I wanted to tease the ring with my tongue, but knew I would never do such a thing on a first date. I wanted it so bad. But he had fingered me, so I would at least return the favor with a hand job and I took the cock in my hand and started to stroke it.

I was nervous at first, didn?t want to pull to hard on the ring or to scratch him with my nails. I slid my hand up and down the shaft, gently squeezing, and rubbing my thumb over the head, feeling his pre-cum in my hand. I couldn?t help myself, I leaned forward and licked the head with my tongue. He said ?oh no, that?s not fair!? and I sucked it into my mouth, toying the ring around in my mouth, my tongue along the shaft and back to the tip. He stopped me and pushed me back onto the couch, kissing me again, sliding his hand back inside my jeans, pushing my soaked panties to the side. He fingered me faster and deeper, kissing me more urgently. I came again and as he pulled his hand out of my pants, I took his hand and pulled it to my mouth, sucking his wet finger into my mouth, teasing and sucking it deeper into my mouth, my tongue licking my sweet juices off of his fingers, he said ?God you?re DANGEROUS! Real fucking dangerous!? and pushed me down onto the couch, and he started to pull down my pants. I tried to stop him, and he said, ?oh no, you did me, its my turn!? What could I do? He had a point, I did tease him with my tongue.

He slid off my jeans and went for my panties, and I stopped him, I couldn?t do this on the first date, we were only going to make out, that?s it! So he started to lick my pussy thru the silk of my panties, I could feel his barbell against my clit and my panties were soaked! I was so close to coming again, I couldn?t stand it. I was moaning and grinding up off the couch, his face buried in the wet silky smooth material. He pulled the front of my panties up, parting my lips with the material, his tongue licking up and down each lip, his other hand slid up under me, over my ass and I felt the back of my panties being wedged tight into my ass crack. I started to grind my hips back and forth, as he pulled the material from front to back, my legs spread, ass lifted up into the air, his mouth devouring my pussy over and around the material as it passed over my throbbing clit. When he went to pull down my panties again, I didn?t stop him. He spread my legs apart and pressed his face back into my pussy. His tongue teasing my clit, the cold metal dancing against my pussy, sliding inside and back out, his face firmly against my cunt. It felt indescribable, his face had prickly whiskers, that tickled and rubbed against my skin, his mouth sucking and slurping at my pussy. I came again and again, he sat up and I crawled down and pulled off his pants, leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, teasing the head with my tongue, kissing his belly. I pulled off his shirt and started to kiss his chest, licking and teasing my way to his nipples. I took one into my mouth and was surprised to find ANOTHER piercing. I said, ?Jesus, is there anything u DON?T have pierced, you FREAK!? he said ?freak, I?ll show u freak!? and pushed me back down onto my back and went back to sucking and teasing my pussy with his tongue. As amazing as this felt, I could only imagine what a pierced cock would feel like, and I wanted to find out. He continued to lick my pussy until I came again. I pulled him to me, taking his tongue into my mouth, tasting my juices on his lips and tongue, smelling the sweet smell of my cum all over his chin and lips.

We continued to grind against each other, his hands playing with my tits and his cock began to rub against my wet pussy. I felt the head getting closer and closer to my pussy, we continued to kiss and tease each other, his fingers sliding into my pussy, my hand stroking his cock. We kissed and masturbated each other, I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him deeper, his cock dangerously close to my pussy. The head rubbed against my clit, and I moaned louder, begging him to fuck me, he slowly teased it against my clit and the opening of my pussy. He said ?Christina, you are so wet, this feels amazing!? I said, ?remember we can?t have sex, we can just make out!? and he pulled back again, this time I pulled him completely on top of me and began kissing him deeper and faster, grinding beneath him, my body urging him to enter me even though everything told me we shouldn?t. His cock slid inside my pussy, just the tip. It hurt a little but felt sooo good. My pussy was so tight and not expecting the girth of his cock, or the ring at its head so it took a minute before I could relax and accommodate his cock inside me. The ring felt weird, I could feel it along the inside walls of my pussy, he pressed deeper and I felt it sliding along the wall, the ball on the ring rolling along the inside of my cunt. It felt amazing, I had to hold back from coming again, I wanted to let this one build up, I wanted him to fuck me all night. He slid deeper inside me, fucking me faster and deeper, and then he withdrew before he got too close.

I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, tasting me all over his cock, licking and teasing him, my tongue dancing around his balls and shaft. He pushed me back down onto the couch and said again ?god your dangerous!? and I said ?hmm just imagine if I had brought handcuffs? and I laughed. He groaned and made a noise of pure animal lust, and pushed me hard against the couch, his mouth ravaging my neck, kissing, sucking, biting, he lifted my ass up off of the couch. He slammed his cock so deep inside me I could feel the ring and ball brush lightly against my cervix, it was incredible, I begged him to fuck me, and begged him not to stop, and he obliged. He fucked my pussy deep and fast, then slow and shallow, my juices dripping down his cock and my nails digging deeper into shoulders and chest and back. I reached down and rubbed my clit as he fucked me, my other hand squeezing my tit, pulling and tugging at the nipple, he leaned forward and sucked it into his mouth, teasing the nipple with his tongue and lightly tugging on it with his teeth, as he fucked me deep and fast, I couldn?t take it much more, I was cumming and gasping for air. I told him I want him to cum in my mouth. He pulled him cock out of my dripping wet pussy and I sat up, sucking his cock deep into my mouth, tasting my pussy all over him, rubbing and squeezing his balls as he fucked my mouth with his cock. He came quickly and the warm sweet juices ran down my throat. I kept teasing him with my tongue, slowly, licking and swallowing every drop of his sweet cum.

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