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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: My Worn Panties Being Used

I have been selling my worn panties, pantyhose, and other ?intimate? items for a while now. About 2 weeks ago, this guy requested a pair of mesh-see through type material panties. I didn?t have any that fit the description, so I went and found a red & black mesh g-string thong.
He purchased the phone & panty combo, so I took a shower, put on the pair that I bought, especially for him, and waited for his call. He called about 10pm and we talked on the phone for a little while, then we started to get more and more adventurous. I told him that I was rubbing my pussy through the material and getting really turned on. He told me he couldn?t wait to be able to smell and taste me. I told him, that I would make sure he got to ?taste me.? I took a lollypop and slid it inside the front of the panties, slowly trailing along the front of my lips, over my clit, back and forth, and around my pussy. I started to get wet, and slid the sucker inside, slowly swirling it around, getting myself nice and wet, and getting the sucker well coated in my juices.

I put the sucker back in the wrapper and set it aside, while we continued to talk on the phone, playing with my pussy through the material of the panties, pulling them to the side, while I fingered myself on the phone. We both came, I came several times and then after we hung up, I wore the panties to bed. The next morning, I took them off, sealed them in a freezer bag, and the sucker in a separate sandwich bag, put them in an envelope and dropped them off at the post office.

Well, he got them a few days later and he let me know that he got them and was TOTALLY SATISFIED and he?s already thinking about what type of panties he?d like next. He told me that I should expect to hear from him soon. So, today I went to the mail and there was a package in my box. I opened up the envelope and inside was a VHS tape. I took the tape into the house and put it in the VCR.

The film starts and there is the guy who purchased my panties, he was holding the freezer bag and showing it to the camera. Then he slowly opened the bag and removed the panties. He started to sniff them and rub them all over his face. He reached forward and aimed the camera lower, so that I could see he was sitting in the chair with no pants on. He started to stroke his cock while he held my panties to his face. He slowly slid the panties down his neck, his chest, over his stomach and down his thigh, over his knee, then back up to his cock. He stopped stroking his cock and placed my panties under his dick, taking the panties in his hands on either side of his dick, he started to slide the material up and down the bottom side of his shaft. He started to thrust his hips up off the chair, as he slide back and forth over my panties, then he wrapped my panties around his cock and slide back and forth through the material. His other hand moved to the side, but it was just out of line of the camera. I kept watching as he continued to jerk off with my panties and then he stopped. His hand reappears with the sucker that I had sent him. He started to unwrap the sucker that was covered in my pussy juices and he brought the red cherry sucker to his mouth. He slowly ran it along his lower lip, his tongue came out and began to tease the tip of the sucker, then he sucked it into his mouth. He started jerking off much faster, my panties wrapped around his cock, as he sucked on the sucker. The head of his cock was shining with pre-cum, as it rubbed against the material of my panties. He took the sucker out of his mouth and rubbed it over the head of his cock, slowly along the length of his shaft then back to the head, as he came all over the sucker. He took the wrapper and put the sucker back into it. Then he dropped it into an envelope that looked just like the one I just opened. Then the tape stopped. I looked into the envelope again, and there was the sucker that I had sent him. Hmmm? I know what I?ll be having after dinner tonight!

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