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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Blind Date

I just got home from my blind date!! I?ve been talking to this guy online for a few weeks, told him that I?d meet him at the mall for lunch. So I get to the food court look around, I don?t see anyone who looks like the photo he had sent but I went and stood by the carousel and waited anyway. About 5 minutes went by and this really cute guy came up and asked if I was waiting for someone. I said, ?not anymore!? Damn he was cute, short spiked dark hair, blue-green eyes, prominent jaw line, and lips that just screamed to be kissed & sucked on!
Ok, ok, so anyway, we talked about what we wanted to eat and decided to grab deli sandwiches & salad. He paid for my lunch which I thought was really sweet and then asked me what I wanted to do. I told him if he wanted we could walk around the mall and stop in a few places. So we were walking around and as we walked past Victoria?s Secret he saw me pause and look in, and he said ?if you want to go in, I don?t mind.? I said, ?nah, you don?t want to walk about in there, do ya?? he said ?why not!?!?? I said, ?all right, lets go.?

We went in and walked around, they were having a sale on panties & thongs 5 for $20 (who can resist that!?!?). So I started picking through and grabbing some that I thought were cute. I got this cute low rise v-string pink pokadot thong! Anyway, my date saw me looking at some bra & panty sets, and told me if I wanted a set, he?d pay for it as long as he could see me in them. I found this plunge cup bra in a rich red color and the matching panties and headed towards the dressing room. I looked back over my shoulder and gestured for him to follow me. I went into the dressing room and took off my jeans, tank top, bra & panties, and I slid on the new pair of panties and the bra. I pulled back the curtain and looked out to see if anyone was around, he was standing just outside the door, but no one else seemed to be on that side of the store. I pulled him into the dressing room with me and asked him ?well, what do you think?? as I turned around slowly, to give him a complete view. He stood there watching me, I stepped closer, not that there?s much room in those tiny dressing rooms anyway, and said, ?you really should feel how silky this material is.? I reached for his hand and pressed it against my tit. I stepped forward again, my chest against his, and took his other hand and pressed it against my lower back. He started to run his fingers along the waistband of the panties, slowly, barely touching them. His fingers trailed inside the top of the panties, and slid down, his other hand still squeezing my tit, his thumb sliding the front of the cup down, exposing my nipple, he leaned down and sucked it into his mouth. I was sooo hot and excited, I could barely stand it. He smelled so damn good! The hand on my ass started to squeeze and rub my cheek, as his tongue made swirling movements around my nipple, his teeth lightly grazing the skin. I wrapped my arms around his neck, he pressed his lips against mine, kissing me lightly at first, then more aggressively, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. The hand that was on my tit was now sliding along the front of the panties, slowly, inching its way down to my already wet pussy. He rubbed me lightly at first, then pressed the silky material harder against my clit, slow, circles, then back and forth, pressing my clit hard against my pelvic bone, I could hardly stay quiet, as I came. My hands quickly undid his jeans, I squatted down and freed his already hard cock from his pants. I sucked his cock into my mouth, teasing him with my tongue, my hands gripping his ass cheeks, pulling him into my mouth. He grabbed both tits and squeezed and massaged them through the bra. He came quickly in my mouth. I stood up and he pressed me against the mirrored wall and kissed me again. It was now his turn to squat down, his finger sliding inside the leg of the panties, pulling the material to one side. He pulled the front of the panties up hard and fast, the material forming a camel toe between my pussy lips. He slid his hand inside the panties and pulled them back down and to the side, his tongue sliding along my clit and pussy, were the material had just been. He licked my pussy hard and fast, his fingers sliding in and out of my wet cunt. I started to moan so loud, he slid his hand up over my cover. I could smell and taste my cum all over his fingers, as he pressed his face against my pussy again, the silky wet material against his cheek, the faint hint of whiskers on his chin tickling my flesh, I came again really hard. I pulled him up and kissed him, tasting my sweet juices all over his lips.

We heard someone talk outside the dressing room, and we both froze in place. Trying not to make too much noise, he buttoned up his pants, and I took off the bra & panties, and put my original clothes back on. The tags were still on the bra & panties, but the crotch of the panties was absolutely soaked! I said, ?wow, I wonder if they will notice.? I peaked my head outside the dressing room and there was a woman with a stroller a few tables away, when she walked away, we both exited the fitting room and walked up to the counter. I laid the pile of panties and the bra on the counter, and the woman started to scan the items. When she got to the red wet pair she seemed to pause when she picked them up, then she quickly put them in the bag and asked if I?d be needed a gift box or receipt. I couldn?t help it, I just burst out laughing. When I went to get my wallet out of my purse, my date stopped me and said, ?I?ll be taking care of the bill.? I thanked him and he said, ?oh trust me, you are VERY welcome!?

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