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Title: Stocking Man

It was our first date together and it was going very well. We had just finished dessert and were getting to know each other a little more. Amy was around 30 years old and had a stunning figure. We had met through mutual friends and decided it was time we both went out to dinner.
We had been out with a group of friends before; enjoyed a lot of time in each others company, but this was the first time we were alone. The restaurant was my choice and we were sat in the corner at a candlelit table. The whole room was rather dimly lit, an ideal setting for what was turning out to be an ideal evening. Amy was dressed in a black silk dress that rested just above her knees. She was wearing black hosiery of some kind with matching black high heels. She wore a gold chain around her neck with a cross that nestled softly into her bosom. She had pale skin and wore red lipstick, making her look very sensual indeed.

The waiter walked over to the table to collect the dessert plates and I couldn?t help noticing that he was staring under our table. I looked at Amy who smiled at me. As the waiter left the table, I sat back in my chair and tried to look around the table to see what he was looking at.
I could see exactly what he was looking at. Amy had crossed her legs and her skirt had ridden up her thighs. I could see about a centimetre of stocking top and I felt my mouth go dry. I had a thing for women in hosiery anyway, but the thought that Amy was actually wearing stockings turned me on instantly. I couldn?t stop looking.
?What do you find so interesting?? She said suddenly. I sat upright quickly, not knowing where to look, but Amy laughed. ?It?s ok, enjoy the view? she said as she looked into my eyes.

?You have great legs? I commented. ?Why, thank you, glad you like them!? she replied. Amy lifted her glass and took a sip from her drink. Her eyes never left mine as she placed the glass back on the table.

?Are you a stockings man then?? She asked.
?Yes, I suppose I am? I replied.
?I have to admit, this is the first time I?ve worn stockings with a suspender belt, I didn?t expect to get this much attention!? she looked round at the waiter as she said this, then looked back at me.

?Well, you can?t blame him for looking Amy, I?m guessing he?s getting just as hot looking at them as I am? I said.

Amy smiled again and I felt her foot touch the bottom of my leg. She had slipped her shoe off and her toe was sliding up the bottom of my trouser leg.

?Do they feel nice?? she asked.
?Yes, they do?, I replied, enjoying the way she was making me feel.
?I hope it was worth me putting them on then! I have to admit, I fumbled around for ages trying to clip the suspender belt to the stockings, I?m still not sure if I?ve done it properly? she said.

?I?m sure you?ve done a great job!? I stated ?How does it feel wearing them, knowing all the guys in the room are looking?? I asked. And it was true, I had noticed a man across from me who appeared to be having dinner with his wife - he just couldn?t stop turning his head to stare, but he looked away quickly when he knew I was looking at him.

?It turns me on? she replied. ?It turned me on why I rolled them up to the top of my thighs and it?s turning me on knowing you are all looking at my legs. Listen, have you ever ?been? with a girl who has worn stockings before??

I was a bit shocked at the question.

?Been? As in slept with?? I asked her.
?Well, just been out with a girl who wears suspenders, did you see her wearing them??.
?Yes? I admitted. ?I bought my ex-girlfriend a heap of underwear to wear, so she sort of wore it to please me I guess?.
?That?s great?but what I want to know is?.it?s kind of a silly question?.but did she wear her panties over or under her suspender belt??

I felt my throat tighten as she said this. The alchohol was beginning to loosen Amy up, she appeared to be rather aroused.

?Well, I?m fairly certain it was over her suspender belt, because??? I hesitated.

?Because?.what?? she said, encouraging me to go on.

?Because she wore them when we made love, and I can remember slipping her panties off without having to re-adjust everything - if that makes sense?.

?Good for you, we have a suspender expert in the house do we?? she teased, biting her bottom lip as she said this.

?Well, I don?t know about expert!? I said.

?Well you?ve certainly taught me something tonight. I?ve only gone and worn my panties ?under? my suspender belt? she said.

?Hey, I don?t think it matters too much? I said, knowing she was just teasing.

?Of course it matters! What sort of girl am I, wearing all this expensive underwear the wrong way!?

?I don?t know if it?s the wrong way, I guess it just depends on?.I guess it just depends?.? I stopped, my voice breaking up as I glanced under the table again. Amy had slid her fingers under her skirt and appeared to be stroking her suspender belt.

?This is embarrassing but one of my clips has come undone??listen?.seeing as your the expert, why not come and show me how they should be worn?? she asked me.

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