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Title: Cold But Hot December Day

It was a cold December?s day. I was walking down the dusty dirt road to my girlfriend Jenny?s house, my skateboard slung over my shoulder, my fingers firmly gripping the trucks. She had only been my girlfriend for a couple of days, so many thoughts raced through my mind. I had never been at her place before, so I was kind of nervous. Finally, I reached asphalt where I could ride the rest of the way. I recall having a slight paranoia as cars passed me by, as this was my first visit, and I did not wish to do anything wrong. The trip seemed longer today than I had anticipated for some reason; I had rode my skateboard there many times before (it was a nice skate-park just nearby).
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I reached her property. As I approached the door, her large dogs startled me. I knocked on the door. Suddenly, her mother answered the door. And the sight almost knocked the feet away under me. There, right in front of me, was a gorgeous hot mom. She was dressed only in a short dress, and it made it almost impossible for me NOT to stare at her huge boobs. But what really hit me and made my dick stand like a solider, was her long legs covered in black pantyhose. This was my fetish above everything. I loved moms with big boobs, but nothing could turn me on more than a woman in pantyhose.

When I finally cleared my brain for a second, I recalled her words; ?Hi there. Jenny is not home right now, she had to work late today?. Right there I didn?t care, but when I was turning around on my way to go, she spoke again: ?But would you like to come in for a cup of coffee or soda or anything?? Shit, my dick did all the thinking, so I replied yes pretty quick. The only thing in my mind was getting a closer look at her feet and legs, so I could run home and jerk off. Sounds pathetic, but that?s the way a young mind works.

When I stepped in, Sammy (as her name was) told me to sit down and wait for a second. I sat down on a big soft sofa in the living room. My blood was running really fast, but it was very exiting and I felt really comfortable. A minute later Sammy returned from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. She sat down right beside, crossed her legs and lent back. Her pantyhose foot was actually touching mine. My cock almost exploded. She asked me a couple of ordinary questions, and I replied as well as I could. But one question really shook me. All of the sudden she asked me if I could help her fix a broken leg on her bed. I replied as before, a shaky ?yes?. She walked up the stairs and I followed as fast as I could. Walking UP a stair gives a pretty good view up a short skirt. Sammy was not skinny at all, but not fat either. She was perfect. While inside her bedroom, I didn?t know what do to. But that didn?t seem like a problem. The bed looked just fine. Suddenly, she got down on her all four, and apparently looked for something under the bed. While she was standing like this, I could see her juicy round butt and her pantyhose feet. She turned her head and caught me staring at her ass. She stood up and walked over to me. I froze. She put her hand on my dick witch almost exploded. ?I need a young hard cock, and I need it now!?

I didn?t say anything as she took of my clothes one by one, slowly. When I was completely naked, she pushed me gently down on the bed and asked me to lie down. The next second later she started to suck my dick. My dick was harder than ever and it felt great. While giving me the best blowjob I had ever gotten, she took off her clothes. Started with her sweater and bra. When her big breasts came out and touched my dick I came like never before. All of my cum was now in her mouth and on her big juicy tits.

I didn?t want this to be the end, so I finally got my act together and took command. While she was lying on her back, I dragged off her skirt, leaving her only in her black pantyhose. Wow? now I could see the white blonde panty underneath. This was just how I wanted it. I ripped a hole in her pantyhose, pulled her panties aside and started licking her pussy. It was already wet. Very wet. Even her pantie was completely wet. Shit, it was exiting to see a mature wet pussy. I continued licking. My dick was hard again and ready for some real pussy. I crawled up on her and slipped my dick inside her. Her eyes were closed all the time and she mourned. God this was amazing. I spread her legs and bended her in a position that gave me perfect view. Her pantyhose thighs and legs and feet were perfect. I fucked her and gave her every inch of my hard dick. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. ?Turn around and get on all four? I said. She didn?t hesitate and gave me a view I will never forget. Her butt was covered in pantyhose and it had a hole where I could fuck her pussy through. I shoved it in again and continued to fuck her hard.

A minute later when I was about to come, she asked me to fuck her in the ass? She opened a drawer and found some oil which she poured over her ass. My dick slipped in easily. After pumping her in her tight ass for a couple of minutes, I came again. I pulled my dick out, and squirted all over her pantyhose ass. She mourned, turned around, and kissed me on my mouth. ?Thanks, I really needed that? she whispered in my ear. I got dressed, said goodbye and stumbled out. I felt that I had to break up with Jenny, but before I made that decision I had to run home for another jerk off.

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