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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Panty Wife Tease

I am 36, 5"4 inches tall, between 115 and 119 pounds at any given time, very happily married and probably the biggest "Panty Tease" to walk the planet. My hubby is a total Panty addict and got me hooked on being his "PantySlut" even before we were married, 15 years ago. Lucky me, his greatest turn on is watching me tease and please other men with my tight white nylon pantied private parts! In any case, I thought I'd share this most recent experience with you all.
3 weeks ago, my husband, Mike, and I went to a little bar in called Minnie's. It was a Tuesday night and we went their specifically for me to do some panty flashing, as I love to do in small, quiet bars, especially when there's no other women around. We actually discovered this place because it was located next to an adult book store which was our original reason for pulling into the parking lot in the first place. The place was dead when we walked in with just 4 guys hanging out and all eyeballing me from head to toe. I was wearing a really short, blue pleated mini skirt, a sheer white blouse, white platform heels, tan silk stockings with a baby blue garter belt and a pair of tight, white nylon panties, Olga's to be specific. This one guy inparticular carefully watched as I slid into our booth, making sure my legs were far enough apart to give him a good long look at my white nylon panty crotch and stocking tops. We barely even got situated in our booth when this guy left his seat at the bar and immediately sat down at a booth directly across from us. My hubby quickly gave me his wink of approval when our pitcher of Margarita's showed up so I hiked up my little skirt, and spread my legs wide apart under the table. My garter straps, stocking tops and the white triangle of my panty crotch was fully exposed for this guy as my hubby and I rolled dice and chatted for awhile. The guy had his eyes focused on my panties and he had one hand in his crotch area as well but was trying not to be obvious. I purposely dropped several dice under our table and went down to retreive them. Doing so, I was down on all fours with my pantied ass poked up high in the air and I looked back over my shoulder at him and gave him my sluttiest smile as I wiggled my fanny from side to side. I thought the guy was going to fall out of his chair. I then stood back up and slid back into the booth next to my hubby. We continued to roll dice while I kept fidgeting in the booth until I came to rest on my side with my skirt hiked up over my waist and both my pantied ass and pussy exposed. This guy drank a full pitcher of beer himself in about 30 minutes as he squirmed in his seat checking me out. I was so horny that several times I reached down and playfully adjusted my panties, letting my fingers glide over my pussy just a moment or two each time to insure that my panties where taunt, forcing my pussy lips to buldge out of my panties.

At this point, my hubby whispered to me, "You wanna let him play with your panties, honey?" I giggled and nodded yes. So Mike told me to go freshen my make up and meet him at the back door. I did and when I returned, I noticed the guy was gone. I joined my hubby at the back door and he said he had told the guy to go park by our truck. As we headed across the parking lot, I saw the guy sitting in his Camero, next to our vehicle. Mike walked me over to my side of the truck but before letting me in, he stopped me and we started kissing and making out inbetween the 2 vehicles. He had my skirt up in seconds and was groping my panties really good when he said,"Is this a sweet ass or what Steve?" Then he kinda manuevered me up against the Camero and the guy seated inside says,"Damn Mike, your wife's ass is gorgous dude." I smiled and leaned over towards my hubby with my pantied fanny poked up almost in through the window of Steve's Camero and he started fondling my panties right there. I wiggled from side to side as he pulled my pantied ass up into his car and burried his face in my panties. My hubby held me there while the guy fingered my panty crotch as he kissed, and sniifed my pantied fanny. I came like a frieght train and my hubby had to put his hand over my mouth. I slid down the car door and reached in an grabbed Steve's cock which he already had out of his pants. It was glazed with pre-cum. I then took a pair of silky pink panties out of my purse (A true PantySlut is always prepared) and wrapped them around his raging boner. He teased my pantied clit while hubby fondled my ass and as I jacked him off, in just a few short minutes, he sent several long thick ropes of hot sperm sailing all over his dashboard, steering wheel and my panties. I cleaned him up and he thanked us over and over. Mike got his number and we then went next door and rented some porn. Once home, I teased my hubby before having hot panty sex as we watched some porn. Just another fun day in the life of a Lucky PantyWife.

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