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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Morning Coffee Tease

This morning at around 11:30am, I met my husband, Mike for coffee at a Starbucks near his office. Although winter is definately upon us, that doesn't stop me from dressing up to tease where ever I go. I had on a very short, red plaid & pleated mini skirt, a dark blue turtle neck sweater, dark blue pumps and a black leather jacket that came just to the hemline of my skirt. I was also wearing a white garter belt with tan silk stockings and a pair of tight white nylon panties, schoolgirl style with the wide gusset. I got in line for my Latte and then waited at a table outside for my hubby. An older gentleman seated inside moved to another table where he could look through the window at my legs as he pretended to be thumbing through his newspaper. Knowing exactly what he was up to, I uncrossed my legs and put my right leg up on another chair, giving him a nice wide open view of my white panty crotch and stocking tops. His eyes about popped out of his head and his newspaper was shaking as he held it up.
I quickly got on my cell phone, called my hubby to hurry up and told him that I had a guy there who was checking out my panties real good. Moments later, my husband pulled in and got in line for his coffee while I wiggled my legs around in every position to give this guy one hell of a good panty show. Mike then joined me at my table and we talked for about 30 minutes or so before he had to get back to work. The whole time, I kept hiking my little red plaid mini skirt up higher and higher until the front of my panties were completely exposed. This guy was squirmming around in his seat and trying to keep his boner contained. It was freaking aswesome to see him staring and just mesmorized with my panty crotch. When Mike got up to leave, the guy waited until he had pulled his truck out of the parking lot. Then he came out a few minutes later and handed me a Starbucks Card and said, "Thanks for making my day, beautiful." I smiled and said, "your welcome," and he walked away. I went in to get another Latte and when I used the Starbucks card, it was a $20.00 gift card. WOW, I couldn't believe it. All I did was spread a little "Christmas Cheer", so to speak. I called Mike and told him and he started cracking up. "You should have got his name and phone number," he said, but it happened to quickly. Oh well, it really does pay to be a Panty Tease.

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